TCM Knitting Club = knitting + classic movies.
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Welcome to the TCM Knitting Club!

We love classic movies. We love knitting. We love social media. So we decided to put them together!

Each month we'll share a selection of patterns, an anecdote, and a movie recommendation that reflect the programming on Turner Classic Movies

We hope you'll join the fun, knit along with us, and share your classic film knitspiration on social media with #TCMKnittingClub.

Please note that we are not officially affiliated with TCM.

December Selections: Marvelous Myrna!

It seems only right that we should kick off this club by featuring Myrna Loy—an avid knitter and TCM's December Star of the Month.

Our pattern choices were inspired by the playful designs that MGM's Adrian created for Loy as Nora Charles in The Thin Man (1934). 
Pick a pattern and go to town!

Knitting Anecdote of the Month: Gossip Follows Myrna's Behind-the-Scenes Project

From Modern Screen magazine, December 1936:

"First day on The Last of Mrs. Cheyney set, before she switched her make-up box to Parnell, Myrna Loy began industriously knitting between every scene. With a mysterious air, she brought out pale blue angora which slowly developed into a square.

"After 10 days of this, with the entire company getting curious, Myrna calmly crocheted the squares together into an afghan. An afghan, in case you don't know, may be a coverlet for tiny tots, so you can't blame the cast for wondering. Our spies rushed out for the lowdown, and now the truth is out. The afghan is for Myrna's maid, Teresa, who is expecting something to go with it."

Knit Flick of the Month: After the Thin Man (1936)

Knitting pops up quite frequently in classic movies—but it rarely has the narrative significance of what Nora Charles is making at the end of After the Thin Man. Her tiny project is one clue that dear Nick takes his time figuring out... "And you call yourself a detective!" Mrs. Charles quips with a wry smile.

TCM will air After the Thin Man on Friday, December 23 at 9:45 p.m. (ET).

Share Your Project!

Once you get going, please post about your project—and the movies you're watching while knitting—on social media. (Bonus points for pictures of your work in progress.)

Be sure to tag your posts with #TCMKnittingClub, so we can find them.

Happy knitting!

Nora and Sabina

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