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How Do (They) Love Thee? Follow Their Brand Footprints, by Dan Ness, March 17, 2017

“How Do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways.” So begins the 43rd of Elizabeth Browning’s Sonnets from the Portuguese. After more than 160 years, this poetry still inspires.
This classic poem seems fitting for a research-based understanding of customer loyalty and, well, mutual loyalty and love. One might hope that love and loyalty would flow in both directions – between customers and company – and in turn would result in more delighted customers, better products and services, and more customers actively using more of a brand’s offerings. In addition to brand footprint measures such as market size and intensity, MetaFacts measures the shape, loyalty, and quality of technology users.

Apple’s Intensity Up and To the Right

Apple’s customers now rank highest in average number of Apple devices, an elemental measure of brand footprint, reflecting in part the intensity of customer’s involvement. When customers use more than one of a brand’s offerings, it reflects the value customers see and their depth of customer loyalty. Based on our most recent wave of Technology User Profile (TUP), Apple’s customers are actively using an average of 2.18 devices, spanning Macs, iPhones, iPads, an Apple TV box, Apple Watch, or some combination. Only one year earlier, our TUP 2015 wave reported that Apple’s device average was effectively on par with the footprint of Microsoft Windows devices.

[For the full results, read How Do (They) Love Thee? Follow Their Brand Footprints on]
Upcoming TUPdate and MetaFAQs topics
SnapChat Recap
SnapChat's IPO is drawing a lot of attention, raising questions about who uses the social communication tool. In addition to profiling active users, there are many questions about how users blend their use of various competitors - Facebook, Instagram, and others. This analysis dives into the TUP data to address these questions.

Consumer Spending on Tech Services
Household spending on technology continues to be dominated by ongoing spending on technology services. From Internet access to mobile phones and music listening, this analysis dives into the detailed TUP spending information to profile the biggest spenders and reveal trends.

Stay tuned for MetaFAQs and TUPdates on these topics. Current paid TUP subscribers are welcome to request early access and supporting data.
These are a few of the areas studied in the most recent wave of TUP - Technology User Profile.
With TUPdates, we explore key areas of interest and provide solid research-based analysis. MetaFAQs are briefer answers to the Frequently-Asked Questions asked about the tech market and user demand. Paid subscribers get results earliest along with the supporting data, inquiry support, direct access to the TUP datasets, over 600 analyzed MetaFAQs, over 10,000 pages of results, and more.

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OS Polyglots are Big Tech Spenders

Who are the biggest spenders – Windows-Only, Apple-Only, or some other segment? (MetaFAQs)

Google went high, Apple went higher, and Microsoft is left with the rest. That’s an oversimplification, and yet is reflected in household technology spending. Users of certain combinations of operating systems spend differently.

OS Polyglots are Big Tech Spenders on (MetaFAQs)
Are most hearables being used by young maies?

Wireless headsets and VR headsets are getting increased attention, yet adoption is not universal. The appeal is stronger among some groups. This MetaFAQ drills down into the TUP data to show which age/gender segments are and aren't adopting.

Are most hearables being used by young males? (MetaFAQs)

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