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Raptor Report

January 2017

Notes from the Director, Tom Keever

We're pleased to bring you our second edition of "The Raptor Report." Response to our very first issue was nothing short of amazing and we're happy to see this publication grow. Please share this issue with your friends and invite them to come visit. We're an amazing school - don't keep us a secret!

Elementary School News


Kindergartners love to have books read to them by their book buddies, and were plenty proud this time to read a book to their big buddy too!

First Grade

We were busy this past month. Here are some of our highlights:

Astronomy creating constellations with marshmallows and tooth picks.

Planets and their orbit around the sun.

We have been learning about our location on the earth, continents, United States, North Carolina as well as our addresses.

We have completed our winter MAP testing.

Fourth Grade

We're always busy in fourth grade. Here's some of what we've been up to!

Math - We learned how to multiply 2 digits by 2 digits. We also started learning how to do long division.

ELA - We read the book Old Yeller and wrote a book report on it. 

Social Studies - We were studying about Treasure Island.

North Carolina History - We were learning about the colonial days of North Carolina.

Science - We learned about motion and speed and had a science lab with Dr. K. Then we started our lesson on the heart and lungs.

Fifth Grade

January has been a very productive month for fifth grade!  As we continue to work through Don Quixote, as part of our Core Knowledge Language Arts program, the students are becoming more entertained by the "crazy" antics of the knight in not-so-shining armor! They have learned so many new vocabulary words like eccentric and meddle and how the actions of the main character demonstrate these character traits.  Throughout the unit, the fifth graders have learned how to persuade someone of their opinion on a topic. They have examined various current issues, formed an opinion about it, and written persuasive essays.
This month, fifth graders started taking a Spanish class! Once a week, they spend time with a Spanish teacher for some basic language and conversation skills. They are pretty excited to habla espanol!

We invited the company HighTouch HighTech into the science classroom to do an interactive and hands-on activity about DNA. The students were able to extract their own DNA from their saliva, as well as create a double helix model to see the shape and structure of DNA. They also examined their unique finger print patterns and learned how we have certain traits that are passed down from our parents.  
DNA is here to stay! Our High Touch High Tech activity was awesome. The kids had a blast extracting their own DNA from their saliva.
Edible Double Helix - Yum!

Elementary Art with Mrs. Searcy

This past month students have been busy in art class!  

Kindergartners have learned all about portraits of people as we created our king and queen portraits. We looked at and talked about Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci and Don Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zuniga by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes.  

First grade has been studying the elements of line and shape as they designed their own space shuttle and explosive multi-media background with warm colors.  

Our second graders have been studying different types of "scapes" in art. We completed our James Rizzi inspired cityscape. Our second grade artists created funky buildings that they personified.

Third grade has just finished up a unit on Roman art and architecture! We learned about the Pantheon, Le Pont du Gard Aqueduct, and the Coliseum in Rome. Students drew a Roman style soldier and paired it with a writing about their soldier visiting these three structures. 

Lastly, fifth graders have completed their Vitruvian style characters as we have studied the art and architecture of the Italian Renaissance including works by Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael.    

Music with Mrs. Staley

This month, music has been so much fun! We have learned about legendary musicians from North Carolina such as Etta Baker, Mary Jane Queen, Doc Watson, and Nina Simone just to name a few. We have also learned about the journey of African-American slaves and how they used music to assist in their travels to the North in an attempt to become free from slavery. The students also had a blast learning the song and line dance to "Swing Low Sweet Chariot." In music this month the third grade learned the song "This Little Light of Mine" and had an opportunity to reflect ways they could let their "Little Lights" shine in terms of their character and behavior. The students learned about steady beat with rhythm sticks too! This month we had the pleasure of having Isaiah in fourth grade play the piano for his classmates. Way to go Isaiah! Encourage your children to listen to a variety of music and have an appreciation of music from around the world.

​ "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything" - Plato​
The middle and high schools also have some great music going on. These high school students performed at our recent Chili Cook-Off at Rumbling Bald Resort. They are in Mr. Lampson's music improvisation class.

Middle School News

Students pointing out two fronts being fought during World War II.

We've been busy in middle school social studies.
Here's a recap of what we've been studying.

Sixth Grade
We spent a lot of time learning about the French Revolution. Who was Louis XIV and what kind of monarchy did he have? We learned how over time French society was divided and in some cases abused? All of that took us into the French Revolution, which became a great time of confusion for France in 1789. The Committee of Public Safety and the guillotine were everywhere in France.  That of course brings about the rise of Napoleon and all the wars and bloodshed he created in the name of liberty and equality! This was really an interesting part of history to understand.
Seventh Grade
Also in January we learned about the rise of another dictator in Germany before World War II.
Who were the Brown Shirts and SS troops and what is a concentration camp? What does losing a war look like and why did people follow Hitler into a World War? Why did the Japanese ally themselves with a Fascist power and where did they go?  This has been a study on why extremists come to power in times of confusion. It was quite a bit to learn.
Eighth Grade
We studied one of the most tumultuous decades in American history. We went to the moon and went to war in Vietnam. It was a great study about Kent State “Four Dead in Ohio.” Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights movement were ongoing at the same time. We learned how despondent a nation became with his death and Robert F. Kennedy as well. It was a time of great upheaval and brought to us Richard Nixon, the law and order candidate. This snapshot of America was a lot to digest as along with this came the feminist movement and Hispanic and Native American movements as well. So again, we had a lot of fun learning about the character of the American people.

Science Happenings in the Middle School

Dr. K shares his expertise on a variety of topics throughout the year with the LLCA community. He recently spent time in Mr. Storlie's sixth grade science lab teaching the students about physics.
The eighth graders enjoyed learning about the Galapagos Islands from Dr. K who has visited, studied, and photographed life on this amazing island.

High School News

Math Scholars
Every month an LLCA Math Scholar will be named from each class
that exhibits the highest levels of math success.

This month's LLCA Math Scholars are:

Math 1: Chandler Jones
Math 2: Naomi White
Math 3: Madisynn Jones
Honors Pre-Calculus: Eli Grayson
Congratulations to our Khan Academy monthly point winners:

Justin Pickering - 27,089
Remy Fifield - 23,998
Sarah Gallagher - 21,680

The quote of the month came from Madisynn Jones. As I was walking to my car after school, Madisynn shouted "Look Mr. Gabin, it's a parabola!" before shooting the perfect basketball shot and swishing it.
-Mr. Gabin


We will highlight two LLCA athletes in each issue of this newsletter.
We're pleased to recognize Gabe Dawkins and Hannah Yoxall.
Gabe Dawkins, 8th Grader

Sports Played at LLCA: Cross Country, Basketball, Baseball
GPA: 4.0
Favorite Athlete: Dustin Pedroia

What do you like most about playing sports?
It gives you the chance to compete, have fun, and be active.
Hannah Yoxall, Senior

Sports Played at LLCA: Volleyball and Basketball
GPA: 3.83
Favorite Athlete: Peyton Manning

What do you like most about playing sports?
Playing sports has allowed me to form connections with my teammates and also grow in character.
Swim Team Has Class!
Did you even know LLCA had a swim team? We do!

Around the School...

A first for Lake Lure Classical Academy!

Lake Lure Classical Academy would like to recognize the first students to complete the Hospitality and Tourism course through ICC.
Congratulations to Elijah Grayson, Grant Craig, and Drew Willett.

The Counselor's Corner / Azaria Miller

Congratulations to our students of the  month for November and December. They did a great job showing self-control and the spirit of service. This month we will recognize our students who have demonstrated optimism.
Guidance Lessons
Kindergarten and first grade have been working on identifying feelings. Identifying feelings is the first step in developing empathy. Empathy is compassion in action!

Second grade through fourth grade students have been learning about optimism. Optimism is a belief in a positive outcome for the future. We also tied this in with a lesson about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to celebrate MLK day. Ask your child about their hopes and dreams!

Fifth through eighth grade students have been learning about cyberbullying and online safety as well as optimism. Students learned the importance of being an upstander in the prevention of bullying. Students also learned about the digital footprint and the hazards of over sharing. Ask your child about their favorite apps and what information they are sharing!

High School
Sophomores will receive their PreACT results next week. Look over the results and prepare for the ACT next year. For more information students can see the school counselor.

Juniors should be gearing up to take the ACT on February 28. Students can see the school counselor for more information.

Seniors have been working hard on scholarship applications. Encourage your child to search for scholarships and complete the applications. We will be announcing two LLCA scholarships very soon! See the school counselor for more information on scholarships and planning for post graduation. Senior parents make sure you have filed the FAFSA to maximize student aid your child receives. Please contact me for more information

ICC Trip
8th-12th grade students enjoyed a trip to Isothermal Community College to explore the technical pathway available to high schoolers. They explored departments such as criminal justice, welding, machining, nursing, construction, and education. Did you know ICC classes are free for high school students? For more information on the ICC tracks please attend our information sessions February 16th at 8:00am and 6:00pm.

Check out these photos of our students exploring the  campus!

The Yuda Band Project

The Yuda Band Project has been a success! We have sold over 200 bands to support Happymore’s education in Zimbabwe! Way to go LLCA! We we will continue to sell bands through Monday, January 30, 2017. To date we have raised over $1,000! On Thursday, January 26, 2017 we had the opportunity to Skype with “Happymore” during lunch. This allowed the National Junior Honor Society to connect their work to a face! Through Skype, the students were able to connect with a student from a different culture. This experience has impacted their outlook on not only their own educational privileges but their outlook on their lives here in the United States. Learning about the extreme poverty that Happymore faces and seeing his enthusiasm for learning provided the NJHS students with an experience they will not soon forget.


Special Announcement
for High School Parents

High School Curriculum Parent Meeting


Thursday, February 16


Times: (two options for parents)

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM



1. Traditional High School Pathway
2. Tech Prep Pathway
3. College Prep Pathway

Description: To inform parents about the new 2017/18 High School Tracks.  
ICC instructors will also be in attendance to answer questions about ICC classes, expectations and requirements.


Meeting Location:

In the gathering room on the LLCA campus.

Check out Details of the Various Pathways
by Clicking Here!

Click to check out all of our latest school photos on Flickr.
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