We invite you to take a look back at some of our recent classroom and school events and happenings.
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Raptor Report

December 2016

Notes from the Director, Tom Keever

Welcome to our first issue of the LLCA Raptor Report. We look forward to sharing some of the great things that are happening around the school with each issue. These are events from the past few weeks. We know you'll enjoy getting a glimpse into your child's year here at Lake Lure Classical Academy.

Elementary School News


Math: Kindergarten has been making math real by sorting objects in our class and creating real graphs and picture graphs together.

Reading Skills:  Our kindergartners are officially readers!  In the last few weeks they have begun reading their first book as a class Pet Fun.

Listen and Learning: They have been learning all about plants and farms for the last several weeks. They know about the many animals and crops that can be found on a farm.  They even had a chance to visit one of our local farms where they got to taste some of the yummy produce grown on the farm and see their farm animals up close and personal.

First Grade

We have been studying about Early American Civilizations.  We have learned about the Aztec legend of the Eagle on a cactus eating a snake. We have learned how maize is so important to the Maya civilization, we have learned how the Inca were a conquering people, and they were in South America. The Inca built thousands of miles of stone roads for runners to use back and forth between villages.  
We have learned about how to add a two-digit number to a two-digit number in math without regrouping. We have learned about the plane shapes (hexagon, trapezoid, circle, rectangle, and square). We have learned about a cone, cube, cylinder, rectangular prism, and pyramid. We know how to count faces, sides, corners, and angles. We have learned that parallelograms consist of squares, rectangles, and rhombuses.   

First graders know what proper and common nouns are and that proper nouns start with a capital letter. We are reading fable stories. We have discussed that fables are stories that are meant to teach people a lesson which is the moral of the story.

We have learned about our long vowel sounds and their spellings. Please continue to work on these at home. Please refer back to emails and prior work for examples of what you can practice at home.  

Fourth Grade

The fourth grade recently had their first science lab with Dr. K (James Kokoruda). We have been studying about electricity in class. Dr. K talked to the students about the differences between series and parallel circuits. The fourth graders got to build their own circuits. If their circuits did not work correctly, they had to problem solve to figure out the problem.

Fifth Grade

Our fifth grade scientists have been having a blast. Recently we started off the week with a frog dissection science lab, then went on and learned how to use microscopes and we identified cells. We ended with two health care professionals coming in to talk to us about taking care of our bodies.

Watch out! We may have some future scientists in the making!

In our Muddy Sneakers program, the fifth graders have been having a great time learning about terrestrial ecosystems. They've learned a lot, but also impressed the leaders with their prior knowledge. This was a special experience because our kids were some of the first to visit the area near Party Rock where the fire was and saw the aftermath of the fire. They were able to apply the knowledge they learned in class about wildfire and succession "in the field."

High School News

Math Scholars
Every month, an LLCA Math Scholar will be named from each class
that exhibits the highest levels of math success.

This month's LLCA Math Scholars are:

Math I: Remy Fifield and Gabe Dawkins
Math II: Nadine Beisteiner
Math III: Summer Dupree
Pre-Calc: Drew Willett


We will highlight two LLCA athletes in each issue of this newsletter. We're pleased to start with
Kaley Stanley and Micah Moore.
Kaley Stanley, Senior
Sports Played at LLCA: volleyball, basketball, softball, cross country
GPA: 4.15
Favorite Athlete: Jenny Finch
"What I love most about playing sports is that my teammates become my second family. I can always count on them no matter what and I always have someone to look up to. I also get to push myself to be the best that I can be!"
Micah Moore, Junior
Sports Played at LLCA: basketball, soccer
GPA: 3.0
Favorite Athlete: Kyrie Irving

"Playing sports like basketball gets my mind off of stressful stuff in life and it helps me relax."

Around the School...

Our own firefighters!

Pictured below are two of our finest LLCA students and local volunteer firemen. These two firefighters, along with countless others, helped protect the Lake Lure Community and beyond during the Party Rock Fire. We thank these two students and all the others for their service.
Tristan Roos
Rhett Ballard

News from the Library

We would like to extend a big thank you to Margo Jones and April Young for their continued work in the library. The software for cataloging and tracking the books has been ordered. It is coming together! Although we still have a lot of work to do, please stay tuned for a "grand opening."

Canned Food Drive

Lake Lure Classical Academy completed their Annual Canned Food drive for The Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach on December 2, 2016. The school as a whole collected just over 4,200 items. In the elementary division, Mrs. Byrd's class collected 348 items, Mrs. James' class in the middle school collected 195 cans, and in the high school Mr. Hutchins' class won due to the efforts of Dakota Davis and his Youth Group bringing in a total of 1,585 cans for his class making their grand total for the 10th grade class 1,600! This year's canned food drive was the most successful one to date! Congratulations LLCA on showing our love and support for the community! 

6th Annual "Coffee House" Winter Chorus Concert

The 6th Annual "Coffee House" Winter Chorus Concert was a tremendous success. If you didn't get a chance to be there, check out the photo gallery on the LLCA Flickr site by clicking this link.
Congratulations to Mrs. Staley for putting together such an impressive show!
Click to check out all of our latest school photos on Flickr.
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