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This past week was insane!

If you didn't see (or hear!) PyBites was mentioned on Python Bytes Podcast Episode #14! We're so stoked that you, Michael and Brian found our Python Resources post so helpful.

As you can see above, we also finalised our new logo! It's amazing how something so small can be so powerful. I'm not sure we can express how excited we were when we applied it to the blog this week!

Posting wise we also gave 5 tips on how to speed up your Python code and boy did we learn a lot after posting that! It's incredible to see how responsive and helpful the wider Python Community can be!
Our other featured post was a review of one of Michael Kennedy's online Python courses - it's definitely a winner.

And finally, this week's Challenge: Code Challenge 08 - House Inventory Tracker. This one's pretty simple but should spark some creativity and we're keen to see the Pythonic solutions people come up with.
Don't forget to check out the results from last week's Twitter Sentiment Analysis challenge - how did 50 Shades Darker measure up?

Here are the posts from the past week:
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