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This week was pretty exciting! We launched our first, publicly accessible, weekly code challenge! Bob and I will be sharing our solutions every Friday so totally jump in and learn with us. We can't wait to learn a little something from all of you pros out there!

Our first weekly code challenge is to calculate the (language) dictionary word that would have the most value in Scrabble. Enjoy and let us know if you like this format.

On Saturdays we will share a curated list of 15 cool things (mostly Python) we found / tweeted during the week.

Use the Pyperclip module to copy and paste with the clipboard!

In this post I review the code of challenge # 1 and refactor it to make it more Pythonic.

Coding Challenge to create a web scraper that calculates the total time of a Javascript Course.

I finished reading Grokking Algorithms, it's a very accessible resource for learning algorithms / data structures, highly recommended.

Today a post on PEP8, the Style Guide for Python Code

Keep Calm and Code in Python.

-- Julian and Bob
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