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Welcome to the NEW I Listen!  We incorporated your feedback from the membership survey to make this newsletter what you want to read! Expect to see the NEW issue of I Listen delivered to your inbox, Bi-Weekly on Wednesdays! The stories are of interest to Canadians with hearing loss. The information is drawn from news media across Canada and around the world, and chosen to raise awareness of communication strategies that assist hard of hearing people in their daily lives. CHHA is the national voice for Canadians with hearing loss, and is a non-profit consumer organization.

Bienvenue à À l'écoute, un bi-hebdomadaire électronique qui vous informe sur les produits, services et événements d'intérêt pour les Canadiens ayant une déficience auditive. L'information est tirée de diverses sources de partout au Canada et dans le monde entier. Notre objectif est sensibiliser les malentendants et de leur permettre de choisir des stratégies de communication qui les aident dans leur vie quotidienne. L'AMEC est la voix nationale des Canadiens ayant une déficience auditive. Nous sommes un organisme sans but lucratif.

                                                                                                      November 2 | Issue # 4
Message from your Executive Director

Did You Know…………
  • That CHHA is the national voice for the articulation of concerns of Canadians who are hard of hearing.
  • That the CHHA Foundation was established by CHHA with specific strategic objectives. 
  • That it is the aim of the CHHA and CHHAF Boards to ensure that both the strategic long-term financial objectives and the day-to-day operational funding needs of CHHA are met.
  • That both Boards have decided to work collaboratively to develop a fund development and fundraising approach that will ultimately benefit their joint aims.
That these aims are:
  • to ensure the viability, sustainability and independence of CHHA through the reduction of its reliance of federal public sector funding,
  • to attract donors who wish to establish legacies,
  • to create a permanent endowment base for a steady revenue flow to CHHA,
  • to manage long-term investment, and
  • to develop a growing and steady donor base through fund development and fundraising initiatives.

                                                    - Glenn Martin, National Executive Director
CHHA Hamilton Presents Joan Miller Award of Merit to Linda Baine
CHHA Hamilton
Joan Miller & Linda Baine
CHHA-Hamilton was extremely pleased Joan Miller was able to join us at our AGM & Tinnitus Meeting in September to present The Joan Miller Award of Merit to Linda Baine, a much deserved recipient.
The Joan Miller Award of Merit is an award that goes to a long standing CHHA-Hamilton member who has contributed  outstanding service to the work of the Association and the Hamilton Branch.

Joan Miller was CHHA-Hamilton’s first President. She served many terms on our board, oversaw significant years of growth and strengthening of the organization. This award reflects the spirit of dedication in which Joan serves CHHA.

University of Ottawa Engineering Students Designing Accessibility Solutions
CHHA National

Second year Engineering Students at the University of Ottawa taking the GNG 2101 course have been tasked with developing and testing free custom solutions for those who want better accessibility to connect them with their work, families and community.

Five groups taking this course reached out to the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA) National this past September to request ideas and input regarding potential gaps where technology can help overcome any barriers currently present. Several volunteers initially stepped up to offer their suggestions as to what ideas would be helpful for them, including ways to create a visual/tactile experience to be paired with music, rechargeable hearing aid batteries, and online hearing tests.
As part of their needs assessment, each group of students met with a person living with hearing loss to gain appreciation for what it’s like for them and how this technology could help. However, as their products are being developed and piloted, they will be looking for additional feedback from a broader base of participants. The GNG 2101 course runs from September to December 2016, and testing of the initial designs will likely take place in November 2016.

CHHA welcomes any member who would like to become involved to contact Alena Wickware at for more information, and updates will be posted in future editions of CHHA’s e-newsletter I Listen.


Call for Workshop Proposals : 2017 CHHA National Conference
CHHA National

The 2017 CHHA National Conference "Hear by the Sea" will be held May 25-27, 2017 at the Mary Winspear Centre (located at 2243 Beacon Ave W, Sidney, BC, V8L 1W9) in Sidney, British Columbia.

The conference will be held over the span of three days with programming including an Exhibitor Trade Fair, Keynote Speaker, Plenary Speaker, Workshops, AGM, Town Hall and a special social evening for delegates. CART and Looping will be provided by CHHA National for all presentations.

This is a call for proposals to present at the 2017 CHHA National Conference. Proposals may involve innovative research, emerging technology, ideas, projects or topics of direct interest to persons who live with hearing loss, whose primary means of communication is a spoken language (i.e. English).

Topics should be relevant to the CHHA National Conference or hearing loss issues in general.

Click here to find information you will need to submit your proposal. The deadline for submissions is December 2, 2016.

For more information regarding the 2017 CHHA Conference, please visit:

If you have any questions about the Call for Proposals, Deadlines or Documents required for submission, please do not hesitate to contact Chantal Coleman, Events and Communications Coordinator at .


Spotlight On...

CHHA Scholarship Recipient... Rebecca Wallace
CHHA National

Rebecca Wallace
2016 Frank Algar Memorial
Scholarship Recipient
Rebecca Wallace of Bradford, Ontario is the 2016 recipient of The Frank Algar Memorial Scholarship ($1,000). 

Rebecca is entering her third year of her PhD. As a teaching assistant in her department, she worked to ensure that classroom settings were accessible for all students in her tutorials.  At the university in her various work positions, she has been able to help employees, students and peers who identify as hard of hearing by fulfilling their accommodations and helping to ensure that the workplace and/or classroom remains an accessible space. 

The Frank Algar Memorial Scholarship was created in 2004 by the Algar family in memory of their father who was one of the founding members of CHHA and provided outstanding service for many years to the work of the association at the National, Chapter and Branch levels. 

The 2016/2017 Scholarship Process will be opening soon. Please check back to: regularly for details. If you have any questions about the scholarship please contact: 



Advocacy Submissions
If you have any Advocacy news that you think would be of interest to I Listen readers, please email with the details!
Mother pleads for disability benefit for hearing-impaired 2-year-old
Charlotte Walters and her son Easton

The mother of a hearing-impaired toddler is pleading with the federal government to give her family benefits under the disability tax credit.

Charlotte Walters' two-year-old son Easton has moderate hearing loss in one ear and severe hearing loss in the other. They live in Blockhouse, in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.

Easton has been wearing two hearing aids since he was three months old.

"It's hard because we can see him every day with the struggles and we know that it is a disability," Walters said.

Easton's devices cost a thousand dollars apiece and they'll need to be replaced as he grows.

There are other expenses too: new ear molds every three months and cleaning materials. Walters also takes time off work once a week to take Easton to a special tutor.

She said she applied twice for a disability tax credit and has been denied both times.

Savings for/by Persons with Disabilities
Employment and Social Development Canada (EDSC)

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), a department of the Government of Canada, has hired R.A. Malatest & Associates, a Canadian research company, to conduct a survey to discuss how persons with disabilities save for the future. The survey is voluntary and your identity will not be shared.

A nation-wide survey is being conducted from October 24 to November 30, 2016 to discuss savings for persons with disabilities.

Call Malatest at 1-855-412-1942 to have your voice heard. For TTY services, dial 711 first. You can complete the survey online or by phone.

Your responses will help enhance long-term savings for persons with disabilities.

For more information, contact:
Kate Black from Malatest at
or call 1-800-665-5848 ext 309, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (PDT) Monday - Friday.

L’IIcx, le nouvel intra invisible de Bernafon
EDP Audio

La firme suisse Bernafon lance un nouvel intra invisible baptisée IIcx. Cette aide auditive est dotée de fonctionnalités sans-fil et dispose également de la technologie de communication binaurale.

Bernafon introduit également sur le marché un nouvel écouteur « 105 », pour le contour d’oreille Pico RITE. Un écouteur annoncé comme puissant tout en bénéficiant de la discrétion de l’aide auditive Pico RITE. Cette aide auditive à écouteur déporté convient aux malentendants atteints de pertes d’audition modérées à profondes. Cette gamme d’aides auditives dispose de plusieurs écouteurs et dômes miniFit sur mesure. Ces contours d’oreille sont équipés de la technologie Audio Efficiency, propre à Bernafon, et sont compatibles avec tous les accessoires sans-fil de la marque.


Brand-new cochlear implant technology born from frictional electricity
Medical XPress

DGIST Professor Hongsoo Choi (Department of Robotics Engineering) and his research team developed the world's first artificial basilar membrane that mimics the cochlear function by application of the genetic principle of frictional electricity. The artificial basilar membrane is the crucial to overcome the limits of existing cochlear implant technology. The technology was co-developed by Professor Choi and Professor Jonghoon Chang (Ajou University Hospital).
The team made the triboelectric-based artificial basilar membrane (TEABM), by applying the cochlear frequency separation and energy transformation functions, critical of the human hearing system, into the frictional electricity generated between polyimide film and aluminum film. In addition, they proved that TEABM made through animal experiments can be utilized for restoring the impaired animal's listening.
Cochlear has a flexible basilar membrane in its inner side. The frequency of sound signals delivered through the external ear and the middle ear is mechanically separated by the basilar membrane's physical attributes. Furthermore, activity of basilar membrane moves the hair cell of cochlear and generates bioelectrical signals. While stimulating the neuron, the signals would be delivered into the brain for recognizing the sound.

Industry Event Submissions
If you come across an industry event that would be of interest to members of CHHA, please submit link, photos and information to . Thank you in advance for your submissions!
CHHA’s Online Scholarship Application deadline is March 3, 2017!
If you will be entering into full time studies September 2017 and experience a hearing loss, take advantage of CHHA’s online Scholarship application!
This online format will save you time and effort: only one application needs to be filled out to apply for any of the scholarships, there are no worries about your mail getting lost or being received late, and you will receive a confirmation email upon submission.
Scholarships are open to anyone with a hearing loss who will be enrolled in a full time program in a post-secondary institution next September.  To access the online scholarship application form, click on the following link: 

For more information about the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association or its scholarship program, please contact or visit the CHHA National Website at

Date limite de demande de bourse d’études en ligne de l'AMEC: 3 mars, 2017!
Si vous planifier être aux études à plein temps en Septembre 2017 et que vous avez une perte auditive, vous pouvez appliquer pour obtenir une bourse d’études en ligne de l'AMEC!

Ce modèle en ligne vous permettra d'économiser temps et effort: une seule demande à compléter pour être éligible aux bourses disponibles.  Facile! Vous recevrez un email de confirmation lors de la soumission.
Les bourses sont ouvertes à toute personne ayant une déficience auditive qui est inscrite dans des études dans une institution postsecondaire partir de Septembre prochain. Pour accéder au formulaire de demande en ligne de bourse d’études, cliquez sur le lien suivant: 
Pour plus d'information, veuillez contacter



CHHA BC- E Loop Newsletter- October 2016

Check out the latest issue of CHHA BC newsletter “E Loop” to see what they have been up to!
CHHA Sudbury Resonance- November 2016
CHHA Sudbury

Check out the latest issue of CHHA Sudbury newsletter “Resonance” to see what they have been up to!
If you would like to see your Chapter or Branch newsletter featured in I Listen, send a copy of your latest newsletter to

CHHA Events

The Hidden Cost of Untreated Hearing Loss
CHHA Hamilton

Join CHHA Hamilton for “The Hidden Cost of Untreated Hearing Loss”
Speaker: Audiologist, Jillian Price

Thursday, December 1st, 7 – 9 pm
South Gate Church, 120 Clarendon Ave., Hamilton L9A 3A5

Members:  no charge, Guests:  $5.

To Register:
BC Buddies Event: CHHA BC- Youth Peer Support Program

BC Buddies Event for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children ages 10-15
Free social event filled with games, prizes and food!

Saturday, November 19th from 11:30 AM-3:30 PM
Burnaby South Secondary, 5455 Rumble Street (Multipurpose Room)

Register by November 5
“Hear by the Sea”, 2017 CHHA National Conference
CHHA National
Conference Venue:
Mary Winspear Centre
Sidney, BC
The scenic town of Sidney by the Sea on Vancouver Island in British Columbia will host CHHA members during the 2017 CHHA Conference “Hear by the Sea”. It will be held from May 25-27, 2017 at the Mary Winspear Centre.

You can look forward to a Trade Fair, Keynote Speaker-Dr. Marshall Chasin, Plenary Speaker-Dr. Douglas Beck, Workshops, AGM, Town Hall, Banquet Dinner and special post-banquet performance of "I'm Hearing as Hard as I Can!", A Show about Living with Hearing Loss by Gael Hannan with musical guests.

All events will take place at the Mary Winspear Centre, with CHHA member-friendly priced hotels just moments away. Register now and take advantage of the early bird rates!

** Register before December 31, 2016 and be entered to win a Sennheiser Headset! **

Conference Information Newsletter
Social Evening Survey
Call for Event Submissions
If you would like to see your Branch or Chapters Meetings/Events listed here, please email with the event details!
When You’re Going Through Hell…
Hearing Health Matters

“…keep going.”

I came across this delicious bit of inspiration on a particularly bad day: tinnitus and hyperacusis were battling for supremacy inside my cranium.  It was hard not to focus on the hellish noise, but these words caught my attention. They even made me smile, because they reflected exactly how I felt at that moment—hellish. And ka-ching! Suddenly my coping mechanisms, which had been cowering behind one of the rocks in my head, kicked into gear.

I shifted my focus to something else, a simple trick which helps minimize my perception of the noise, but decided against another favorite trick—a glass of wine which often helps reduce sound—mainly because I prefer not to drink at 11am.

When you’re going through hell, keep going.  This wonderful quote is widely attributed to Winston Churchill but, according to research by Quote Investor (QI), Churchill didn’t actually write it.  A best guess, also according to QI, was found in a 1940’s issue of the “Christian Science Sentinel” journal of Boston, Massachusetts.

Someone once asked a man how he was. He replied, “I’m going through hell!” Said his friend: “Well, keep on going. That is no place to stop!” 

I liked that quote even better, because it struck my funny bone. But really, where was the poor guy supposed to go next?

Regardless of how long we’ve had our hearing-related problems, there are times when the frustration can drive us to our knees. We let our head fall into our hands and think, “Why me? Why isn’t there a cure? Do I have to keep doing this for the rest of my life?”

How a musician overcame hearing loss to help create the music to ‘Hamilton’
Kansas City Star
Music director Alex Lacamoire and actor, composer Lin-Manuel Miranda celebrate on stage after ‘Hamilton’s Grammy win at Richard Rodgers Theatre on February 15, 2016 in New York City. (Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images)
Alex Lacamoire leans in to listen. At his parents’ zero-lot-line house in South Kendall, the man responsible for the music of “Hamilton” — one of the biggest hits in Broadway history — is having trouble hearing.

A pair of hearing aids sits on a couch just out of reach. Behind him, seven other Cubans are chattering in a normal tone — that is to say, it’s loud in here.

His mother is telling stories about her son, who graduated from the New World School of the Arts and went on to win two Tony Awards and two Grammys, as she shows off pictures of Lacamoire hugging first lady Michelle Obama.
That was the night that started all of this. The night that actor Lin-Manuel Miranda asked Lacamoire, his right-hand man, to play piano for a White House performance that became the seed for “Hamilton.”
Épargne pour/par les personnes handicapées
Emploi et Développement social Canada (EDSC)

Emploi et Développement social Canada (EDSC), un ministère du gouvernement du Canada, a retenu les services de R.A. Malatest & Associates, une société canadienne de recherche, pour mener une enquête afin d’étudier les façons dont les personnes handicapées épargnent pour l'avenir. La participation à l'enquête est volontaire et votre identité ne sera pas dévoilée.

Une enquête à l'échelle nationale est menée du 24 octobre au 30 novembre 2016 pour discuter de l’épargne pour les personnes handicapées.
Appelez Malatest au 1-855-412-1942 pour faire entendre votre voix. Pour ATS, composez le 711 premier. Vous pouvez répondre aux questions en ligne ou par téléphone.
Vos réponses aideront les personnes handicapées à améliorer l'épargne à long terme.

Pour de plus amples renseignements, communi-quez avec :
Carmelle Goldberg de Malatest, à
ou composez le 1-888-689-1847, poste 103, de 8 h 30 à 17 h (HAE), du lundi au vendredi.
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